Differentiation through technology

in forex

Give your corporate customers the tools to automate and optimise their FX payment processes.

Embedding your forex services within the corporate customer’s ecosystem

Technology is a big differentiator in Forex trading, a vertical characterised by its decentralised nature, strong competitive landscape and huge trading volumes.

Within this space we have teamed up with leading players to provide added value to their customers around their forex operations.

Using Trident Connect, forex operators can offer their services seamlessly by providing a tool which optimises and automates the payment approval process in their corporate customers’ ecosystem. It is an opportunity to position one’s offering earlier and deeper into the supply chain, to capture the payment and forex earlier in the payment process.

Forex and liquidity providers can now offer their corporate clients, especially those with processes which are subject to multiple approvers and compliance requirements, with a tool which minimises the cost and risk of processing such payments.

Trident Connect replaces manual or siloed legacy systems for payments approval with a tool which enforces adherence to an optimised and automated workflow. The tool also hooks up to the FX provider system to provide a seamless user experience by eliminating the need for access to multiple systems. Trident Connect also automates the reconciliation and bookkeeping stages of the process, translating into an ROI which goes much beyond the forex competitive rates which can be provided.

Another tool offered to forex operators is Trident BRIDGE, which connects the forex provider’s system to their customer’s ERP. The solution converts the payment instructions generated by the ERP, which would normally be destined for a bank, into instructions to be managed by the forex supplier or payment services provider. Again, this tool embeds the forex provider within their customer’s ecosystem and offers value beyond forex competitive rates.

The Power of Automation for your forex customers



Allow your customers to safeguard their reputation from issues which may arise in manually-intensive processes.



Increases in productivity by doing much more with the same resources.



Ensure visibility of each sub-task through enforced processes and checklists.

Better customer


Provide your corporate customers with tools to deliver a consistent service.

Advantages of embedding forex services within your customer’s ecosystem


Success Rates

Higher percentage of successful payments due to enforced rules.



Due to more stringent compliance, enforced processes and checklists.


more value

In the form of a more streamlined payment process.

Better customer


Customers will see an increased value in the relationship.

Moving from manual and legacy system based payment process to automation


Integrating Legacy Systems

Determining how information flows from system to system and to external providers to be able to integrate all components within an end-to-end workflow.


Optimising & Enforcing Workflow

Identifying the current processes and multiple approval levels and determine which processes should be enforced.


Integration to the Banks and your FX Platform

Automated payment processing through the FX and banking platforms.


Bookkeeping & Reconciliation

Ensuring that all the data in ERP / Accounting System, the bank, the FX platform, and Trident show the same picture.

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