Automating processes in Treasury Management

Optimise the payment process in highly regulated, multi-approver,
multi-jurisdictional and transaction-intensive operations.

Solving the issues around 3rd party payments

Different signatories, possible compliance checklists and the need to manually hook up with multiple banks is a situation that companies involved with 3rd party payments face every day. Then there is bookkeeping and reconciliation for each payment too……

Within this highly regulated, transaction-intensive space that is Treasury Management, Trident Connect is a game-changer.

Companies in this space manage a significant number of payments on behalf of third parties, more often than not in different currencies and regulated by different compliance regimes. Processing each and every payment is a time consuming and laborious process that is prone to error due to the different approvers and signatories typically involved, even before finally logging on to a variety of online banking platforms with different fobs for each client at each bank to affect payments. Then, after confirmation of each processed payment, there needs to be reconciliation and bookkeeping.

Trident Connect delivers significant value to organisations which carry out numerous payments on a daily basis by electronically automating the manual process of preparing, validating and approving local and international payments. The solution also connects with multiple banks directly or via Swift to execute payment instructions and download transactional data. It then performs a three-way reconciliation between the banks, itself and the accounting system.

The Power of Automation in 3rd party payments



By routing payments through the organisation’s signatory workflow and if required, compliance.



Increases in productivity by doing much more with the same resources.



Provides the payment process with significant audit and reporting capabilities.



A quantifiable return on investment through the reduction in non-chargeable costs for payment preparation.

Moving from a manual and legacy system based payment approval process to automation


Integrating Legacy Systems

Determining how information flows from system to system and to external providers to be able to integrate all components within an end-to-end workflow.


Optimising & Enforcing Workflow

Identifying the current processes and multiple approval levels and determine which processes should be enforced.


Integration to the Banks

Automated payment processing through the banking platforms.


Bookkeeping & Reconcilliation

Ensuring that all the data in ERP / Accounting System, the bank and Trident show the same picture.

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